Introducing a hub for artists building websites+blogs to reach audiences, independent of Big Tech Socials:

Savvy Indie

Led by me, web designer & performing artist Laurence Warner, aka Cerulean.

I've learnt a lot about ways you can own your social media content, your analytics, as well as your public image by owning a website.
And then how to distribute smartly from that base:
such as how to get your music on Spotify & your videos on AmazonPrime... for free!

I already offer a 33% SavvyIndie discount on bespoke starter websites for artists through CrystalCUBED, but I now want to form an invite-only community in 2021 - along with a public Clubhouse presence - where indepedent artists can learn these insights and share new ones to support each other over time.

Want to stay indie? Time to get savvy!

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