📣 !Aspiring indepdendent artists!

Our community will help you own:
🎨 your creative process with modern code-less tools, like AirTable or Notion.
🔦 your web presence by owning a website, with tools to connect directly with your audience.

What's on offer?

Get my exclusive weekly SavvyIndie roundup (audio & text), plus access to our private databases, on the best ways to reach an audience online e.g. our Distro comparison tool (see public sample) can help your music succeed on Spotify. The best collabs happen between equals. Get more x on your tracks by meeting like-minded creatives who share similar values, as you help answer each other's questions in our slick forum (coming soon). I'll showcase our most active community members by inviting them on our public Spotify GreenRoom podcast. I want the world's highest-performing independent artists to be in this community, and I'll offer my personal advice & input - on you work, your tech stack & everything in between - to help you get there. I offer half-hour calls with all members ever X days, where X is the number of members. I'm capping the community at 365 indies so you'll be *guaranteed* a call with me each year, though in the early days that will be more like *every month*, so join now to get the most bespoke consulting out of it! on the forum, supporting others where you can help them, and offering some insight into behind-the-scenes of your public output to support the tech & admin costs, as well as my time (which in the early days you'll get a lot of): *subs are "a tenner" per month* (*GBP: £10 | EUR/USD: €12/$12*) *though if you're really unable to afford that I might be able to stump up a fiver myself for you* *Also, if you recruit another paying member you are eligible to skip that month's subs* 🙌

Interested in joining?
For a limited time, I'm offering a free half-hour consultation

You get a first-hand sample of that offering, as well as an opportunity for me to give you a peek of what else is on offer.
At the end if we both feel it's a good fit, you will have the opportunity to pay your first month's subs to enroll in the community, or takeaway my advice as you continue plugging away on your own!

Only interested once Forum launches?
Once we reach 10 members and launch the Circle Forum, I'll notify you:

As long as we are below 10 members, it means that you can get on at least 3 x 30min calls a month for subs.
That's the sort of timeframe I can help you design the pengest artist website, or package your first proper release.
So I'd suggest jumping on a call to join up now and I'll help accelerate your career the most!